Clash of Kings: tips, tricks and how to get more gold

Clash of Kings, not to be confused with Clash of Clans, has become one of the most successful strategy games on Android. Those who wish to plunge into battle and build a powerful force should not be without this list of the best Clash of Kings tips, tricks and strategies.

Get more Clash of Kings Gold

  • To get Clash of Kings Gold, you should bind your account to Facebook. This provides you with a little gold for free, but liking the Clash of Kings page is also a great way to earn more: it’s an active community.
  • Inviting friends is another quick and easy way to earn more Clash of Kings Gold, and the more you invite, the greater the reward will be. (See the list of rewards below.)
  • Cash in on daily rewards: these can be found in the tavern and reset daily at 8 PM EST.
  • There’s no need to waste gold in the tutorial by speeding up production. Just wait and keep the gold.
  • Gold mines produce gold at a slow pace, but can be used effectively if you know you’re not going to play the game for a while.

Clash of Kings: Beginner Tips

  • If you want to protect your troops, you can send them to a ruin. There, they can not be attacked but can be recalled instantly.
  • Play in an alliance. It often makes the game easier, whether attacking or defending.
  • Use a new account to spy on other castles. Begin a new game, place the castle next to a castle you wish to spy on and begin scouting.

Rewards when you invite friends to Clash of Kings

  • 3 Friends: 100 Gold, 100 VIP points, 1-hour speedup, 500 Lord EXP
  • 5 Friends: 2x Gold, 100 VIP Points, 2x War Horn, 2x 500 Lord EXP
  • 10 Friends: 3x 100 Gold, 2x 100 VIP points, 2x War Horn, 3x 500 Lord EXP
  • 20 Friends: 5x 100 Gold, 3x 100 VIP points, 2 x Gold Arrow, 4x 5000 Lord EXP


Clash of Kings cheats

  • There are currently no Clash of Kings cheats available. As this title relies heavily on balanced mechanics and in-app purchases, any way to exploit this would undermine the whole system
  • Don’t give anyone your login details, or trust anyone who claims they can log into your account to increase your gold amount or sell it.


Do you have any more Clash of Kings tips? Let us know in the comments.


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