How to Speed up Windows 8 by Stopping Start-up Softwares

We usually face problem of starting up the computer when there are too much Softwares installed in our computer. But wait, there is some solutions to block these start-up softwares as these software’s slow down our computer when we start our computer.
These software’s are needed after we start our computer, but these software’s are not needed during the start-up of our computer. These software’s might feel irritating as they slow down the start-up of our computer.They should start only when they are started. In order to disable them we will use some tweaks. Just follow these steps in order to stop/disable these start up software’s.

Just right click on start menu bar and open Task Manager of your windows 8 computer.
When your Task manager opens click on More Details – dropdown button.


After entering in More Details of Task Manager click on Startup tab.


Now You can click on the software’s you don’t want and click on disable.


Note: You can enable these software’s if you want them at anytime.


By following these simple steps you can speed-up your Computer Whenever you want.

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