Fastest Way to Transfer Photos & Videos from Your DSLR to Your Android

Today,there is a trend of getting pictures and selfies through DSLR.Be it because of the photo quality or the zooming or be it low light photography.But the most time consuming and tiredsome work is transfering pictures from DSLR to your android.

If we look at the traditional method,people would use there SD card to easy transfer pictures from DSLR to PC then transfer it to there android devices……But yeah it too much tiredsome and take a lot of time.Here in this tutorial i will guide you about the fastest way to Transfer Photos & Videos from Your DSLR to Your Android


  • Android device with USB Type-C port
  • Digital camera with USB cable
  • USB-C to USB-A adapter

Plug Your Camera into Your Phone

First off, make sure your camera is on. Now, plug in your camera’s USB cable and attach the USB-C adapter to the other end, then plug the smaller end of the adapter into your smartphone.

Image result for DSLR

Step 2 Access Photos
For most devices, a dialog will pop up immediately after you plug your camera into your phone, giving you a selection of apps with which to browse the camera’s storage. Tap on Camera Importer and it will instantly scan and preview all the photos inside the camera’s storage.

Image result for dslr to android

If the dialog didn’t pop up automatically, swipe down from the top of your screen and tap on the USB notification to specify what you want to use the USB connection for. From there, select “Transfer images” on the popup, then tap the notification that says “Select to import files,” and Camera Importer should now open to scan and load all the photos found on the camera.

Step 3 Transfer Photos to Your Phone
After your phone has finished scanning your camera’s contents, you can now pick which photos you wish to keep on your phone. Simply tap the photos to select them, then press the “Import” button in the upper-right corner after you’ve made your selection.

Once the photos have been imported, you’ll find them on your phone’s SD card or internal storage partition in a folder named after your camera’s make and model.  How many photos have you imported using this method so far? Let us know in the comment section below.


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