SUV’S have always been known for their heavy metallic body’s , their serious offroading capabilities, their distinctive looks with a sense of premium feeling. From the starting of cars to present world, SUV’s have been in great demand. Here is a list of some SUV’s that have been famous for a very long time and are most popular of all time.

  1. Isuzu VehiCROSSsuv 1

    The VehiCROSS’ funky styling isn’t for everyone, but it’s actually getting better with age. They’re also great to drive, and taking one to the Baja 1000 is still a fantasy.

  2. GMC Typhoonsuv 2

    Even though it’s worthless when the road turns to a trail, this vehicle is legendary. The Typhoon was just a wonderfully crazy car. It was basically a hot rod truck, and who doesn’t love a hot rod?

  3. Citroën Méharisuv 3

    What car was well loved by both topless sunbathers and the French Foreign Legion? The Citroën Méhari, of course. The Méhari was a small, rugged, and simple utility vehicle based on the 2CV. A few of them were even sold in the US in 1970.

  4. Toyota 4Runnersuv 4

    Toyota gets props for being one of the last automakers that is still making real, body-on-frame SUVs. These are enclosed trucks, not tall wagons. That’s why the 4Runner is more badass than the competition.

  5. Mercedes-Benz Unimogsuv 5

    If you think the G-Wagen is a cool Mil-Spec Benz, you must be wildly in love with the Unimog. A few private owners have these amazingly tough and capable vehicles (ahem, Arnold), and there are even some companies that specialize in making them into the ultimate go-anywhere RVs.

  6. Ford Explorersuv 6

    Many of Ford’s best cars seem to have been made by playing with whatever parts were sitting around the R&D building like Legos. The Explorer managed to ignite an SUV craze that turned a niche segment into a hot-selling segment with tons of profit potential. SUVs carried the American auto industry for a while, and who knows what would have happened if it had not been for the Explorer.

  7. Chevrolet Blazersuv 7

    Once upon a time, SUVs weren’t bloated minivans for parents who think they’re too cool for minivans. They were driven by guys who pretty much just wanted a shorter, more maneuverable enclosed truck.

  8. Toyota FJ Cruisersuv 8

    The Land Cruiser may have diverged from its more utilitarian roots over the years, but at least the FJ Cruiser showed up to fill the void it left. This thing is extremely capable and looks like a Tonka truck. Act fast if you want one though, because this is the FJ’s last year in production.

  9. Hummer H1suv 9

    Make fun of the lame, and cynical attempt to cash in on a recognized brand name that the H2 and H3 were all you want. We encourage you to do so, but leave a little spot open in your heart for the H1. The OG Hummer was crazy, impractical, difficult to drive, and wildly inefficient, but it was a fulfillment of fantasy, and that’s the best feature a car can have.

  10. Mercedes-Benz G-Classsuv 10

    You know you did it right when you can keep more or less the same design for 34 years and demand only seems to be increasing. This is more than just the luxury and refinement one expects from Mercedes, it’s that same luxury and refinement in a platform that was designed for the German military.




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